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Think I am a millionaire already

An aspiration that is shared by all the wordsmiths

If life’s experiences and books are anything to go by, I would safely place myself in the row of millionaires. Of course, a lot and lot of books remain to be read and experiences written about. For which, a lifetime would invariably fall short of browsing through them all. But, what fills me up with pride and complete bliss is the mere thought of possessing quite a few of these gems. Lunging at me from stacks and shelves lining the walls.

This present state of self-proclaimed contentment is also the solution to the nagging worry of ‘what if this doesn’t work out ?’. By that I mean a career in writing. But thankfully, this apprehension is short-lived, though its bouts are frequent in nature. Then the antidote appears by some unknown design. It comprises of all the motivational anecdotes about famous writers and quotes from authors, including some wonderful stories published on Medium. One such prolific writer I came across is

The second part is about the true-calling which all of us are so passionate about here and nurture in every way possible. This had been there all along for me, only now it’s actually guiding me. In fact, this inner voice peals so loud and clear it sounds like the death knell for my nine to five job. Is that what I really wanted to say ? Come to think of it, isn’t that what all writers yearn for? Self-reliance on our skills that gives a sense of complete control over how we live.

As I look back at my professional journey, I realize it had always been about writing. Because, at the cost of sounding cliched, for almost last two decades I practically have thrived on my writing capabilities-expressing concepts and ideas through different media platforms. Mostly to do with print and television. It wasn’t exactly hitting the keyboard or writing in longhand, but every project I did had its foundation in a story or an experience that was conceived as a means to connect with somebody.

When the urge to write and earn a livelihood became greater than all the prospects of a steady day job, a deluge of conventional advice started coming my way. Without exception, this well-meaning counsel aimed at encouraging me to maintain the status quo and ensuring the passing fad leaves with little damage. But once you have learned to handle uncertainties early in the career, the logs of ‘creativity’ begin to burn in the hearth of passion.

Once we come to this stage, mediocre people and mindsets populating our world cease to exist as you strive to hone your own skills. In fact, they turn out to be the best inspirations for story ideas. Such is the phase that I am passing through now. Where, articulating and sharing my innermost thoughts helps to give a sense of purpose to what I am moving towards. This time the decision has been made. It’s as much about earning as adding more stories to my writing portfolio at

In this chaos where everyone aspires to be a millionaire, the role of spirited publications like Coffee Times for giving avenues for publication to all writers is highly appreciable. And so is the overwhelming encouragement from talented writers like

Ravyne Hawke on Medium.

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