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Time we connect with our Farmers

There's a world of health, wealth and opportunities awaiting to be tapped in the farming sector today. And now is the time that informed investments are being undertaken by both private and state players in this largely neglected* sector that is said to be the backbone of our country's economy. More money translates into some tangible benefits for all the stake holders including me and you. Yes, from #Farmfresh and #freshfarm produce that reaches our doorstep to all the allied #agriproducts that you could think of! Let it be known then, that this trend has already caught up with many in both the rural and urban areas. As a result, #FarmProducerCompanies or #FPC as they are being popularly referred to are emerging as the new age hubs of innovation and facilitators that are leveraging farm produce to benefit both the farmers on one hand and end users and economy on the other.

Since quite some time, we have been bombarded with imagery of helplessness, frustration and penury in popular media as representative of our farmer community, save for some ads where they are depicted to be reaping huge benefits. Add to this, our society's collective and ambiguous understanding about harsh weather conditions and unpredictable natural calamities that are more often than not beyond control. Thankfully, all that is soon set to change. It has been realized that corporates, citizenry, farmers, agro-specialists and media professionals need to be brought on a common platform so that together we can usher in a new wave of growth, similar to green or white revolution.

As a part of a one-of-its-kind #researchproject designed and implemented by the Journalism and Mass Communication Department @VishwakarmaUniversity, Pune in association with @SahyadriFarms, Nashik, I am contributing towards development of a new #CommunicationModel that will encompass sustainable business, end-to-end solutions in this sector, along with product value addition, global exposure and skilling, needs based processing with focus on #Sales&Marketing and #BrandBuilding.

This is certainly slated to be career defining project for me. And I welcome Individuals or Organisations interested for further liaising to get in touch with the me.

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