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What goes behind creating A hands-on content marketing portfolio?

A month of action-packed copywriting fireworks for a local agency leading to a presentable content marketing portfolio for myself has turned out to be an indeed rewarding and fruitful exercise. At least that is being compensated, for one, and secondly, as far as the metrics go, I am sure my uber-creative posts will have, by now set the internet abuzz. (kidding as they did not). But they will surely be at work 24x7 in the days ahead and get higher traffic for the clients' business. It will also certainly generate talking points for the respective brands and garner an unbelievable number of views. Looking back at my academic experience over the last seven years, I feel every student desirous of a career in advertising from local colleges and institutes should be trained and guided to get an actual content marketing portfolio done rather than any spec work.

See, how this content is shaping up already? Well, this activity involved 3 clients. A city-based real estate, high-tech auto-solutions, and the third, a desi tea chain. Revisiting social media content marketing itself turned out to be a confidence booster, especially for a copywriter like me who is still hung up about the look-n-feel of print ads. What with long-form writing at the core of my existence, the pithy lines for SM posts felt equally challenging and exciting at the same time. But as my agency manager briefed me, nobody except for another writer hardly reads them, I discovered clients are not that unconcerned as well. Here I did not quite agree with him, though.

Well, that's the whole point, you see. Serious readers, especially recruiters scouting for some real talent visiting my profile and who've reached out so far would note that I am comfortable with all forms of writing. Also, elsewhere they would find my forays into the essay, academic research, and links to my fiction writing in the form of articles and posts.

Coming back to our topic after that commercial para above, The SM posts are literally viewed as the grist to the mill of the SM calendar. I must admit here that learning to create an SM calendar was the coolest thing of it all.

This valuable hands-on was more than only writing posts or captioning the creatives. It consisted of an invigorating daily bicycle ride through a salubrious environment that helped me relax like never before. It revealed to me how small ad agencies are 'trying' to think big, their challenges and shortcomings, and how they are harking back to the 90's model where artists were made to slog from 9.30 a.m. up to 7.30 p.m. and even beyond. Sadly, young art graduates from tier II cities coming in search of livelihood continue to be trapped in these sweatshops in a vicious cycle: an experience-livelihood-better job-mouth shut.

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